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1. If I have any problems following my purchase, what should I do?

If the problems are related to your order, you can do any of the following by visiting store:
  • print a receipt of your order
  • re-download purchased products
  • request serial numbers
  • report accidental duplicate orders
  • report changes in your personal information
  • access your order history
  • request purchase process information

  • Fill in the required fields. If this does not help, contact us by e-mail at support@321soft.com, and do not forget to indicate your order number.

    2. Where can I download your software ?

    3. Are there any discounts?

    4. Why did it pop up an error message when I had entered the license code?

    5. What methods of payment does the 321soft store support?

    Submitting a Bug Report:
    Should you have found anything which needs to be corrected, please send an email message to us. Thanks!