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Split a large file into smaller pieces as well as to rejoin / merge splitted files into the original file with ease.

Requires OS X 10.8 or later; Fully compatible with the new macOS 14 Sonoma.

File Splitter Merger
Intuitive User interface

Intuitive user interface

Easier to Move Large Files between PCs

EasySplitMerge features a simple and intuitive user interface that work fast in both splitting and joining tasks.

Split large file

Quickly split a large file into a set of smaller files or parts with ease. Let you select from two basic file splitting options: Split file by file size (You can define a specific size for each piece file in MB) and number of pieces (You can also enter the number of pieces you want to create).

Split large files
Merge splitted files

Merge splitted files

This smart utility allows you to rejoin/merge the piece files together as a complete one in original format without degrading any of the quality. So you're safe to retrieve the original file on any Mac system.

Split any file

Any file type is supported, such as video, audio, compressed archives, backup, log files, disk images, PDF, text, images and any other document formats. This software is a boon for those people who works with large files.

Split any file
Self-Joining program

Creates self-joining program

A Self-Uniting program lets anyone put all of the pieces back together so that the original file is restored without the need to have EasySplitMerge installed.

Are ready to split large files on macOS?

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