Follow the steps below to move your License to an another computer:

This is a "single machine" license and can only be activated on one computer. You can EXPORT the license from your old machine and IMPORT it to an another computer, otherwise you will have to purchase another license if you wants it on both machines. The export/import process will remove the license from the old machine and import it into the new Mac computer. A USB stick is required for this process.

1) On the old machine – go to "License Administration" :

License Administration

2) This will launch the Export/Import Screen – this will "export" the license to a USB stick. The old machine will revert to DEMO as the activated license has been removed.
Export license
3) Then on the new Mac go to License Administration

License Administration

4) Then Import the license contained on the USB stick into the 321Soft Data Recovery software on the new computer. This will activate/move the license to the new Mac computer.
Import the license
Follow the on-screen directions and all should work fine. The license MUST be exported to a physical device and Do NOT attempt to "copy" the license as that will destroy it! and Please make sure that you are running "as administrator" on both machines during the export/import process.