How to Start Recording Screen into Video?
321Soft Screen Video Recorder is designed to record your computer screen (full screen or a fixed area) into AVI video file for further purposes like editing, burning DVD, making slide show movie, etc.

To record screen into video please do according to the following steps
  1. Launch the software 321Soft Screen Video Recorder, and click the pull-down menu "File > Enter File Name to Save Recording..."

    enter file name for recording video

  2. You will see the following dialog for entering an output file name

    enter output file

  3. Click the pull-down menu "Options > Video..." to set video parameters

    set video options

  4. You will see the below video options dialog, you may set the video parameters here

    parameters for video codec

  5. Click the pull-down menu "Options > Audio..." to select audio parameters

    set audio options

  6. You will see the below audio options dialog, you may select a profile here

    select audio profile

  7. Click the pull-down menu "Options > Record..." to set recording parameters

    set recording parameters

  8. You will see the below recording parameters dialog, you may select recording parameters here

    recording parameters

  9. Click the pull-down menu "Options > Hotkey..." to change hotkeys if you want.

    set hotkeys

  10. You will see the below hot keys dialog, that you can change the hot keys for start or stop recording.

    set hotkeys

  11. Press hot key of start recording to start recording, or click the pull-down menu "Record > Start" to start recording.

    start recording

  12. Press hot key of stop recording to stop recording, or click the pull-down menu "Record > Stop" to stop recording.

    stop recording

  13. Click the pull-down menu "Record > Play..." to start playing the recorded video with the default player available on your computer.

    Play Recording

  14. Click the minimize button on the 321Soft Screen Video Recorder to hide the main window, click the icon docked in the system tray to show it again.

    321Soft Screen Video Recorder

You may also press short-cut keys or click the toolbar buttons instead of clicking the pull-down menu!

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