Introduction of 321Soft Clone CD

Copy and Backup your important Data CD, Audio CD, Video CD in minutes by several clicks!

321Soft Clone CD can clone Data CD, Video CD, Audio CD on-the-fly.

Do you have the bad experice getting your important data CD corrupted or damaged when you need it? Do you worry about your favorite Video CDs or Audio CDs bought from store will get damaged someday? Now you needn't worry about it, download and try 321Soft Clone CD get all your valued CDs cloned with numerial copies for backup. Just use the cloned copies and keep your original CDs in a safe place!

321Soft Clone CD is designed for backup your CDs. It runs fast, stable, and easy! It takes only several minutes to clone a CD. And it is compatible with different CD-ROM brands, supports most popular brands.

321Soft Clone CD supports different copying modes including CD to CD, CD to Image, Image to CD. And it supports different ripping and burning mode, like RAW DATA, RAW DAO, Session-At-Once!

The followings list some features of 321Soft Clone CD include:
  1. Copy Audio CD, Data CD, Video CD
  2. Copy CD to CD, Copy CD to Image, Burn Image to CD
  3. Simulate Recording Mode
  4. Different Ripping and Burning Mode: RAW DATA, RAW DAO, Session-At-Once
  5. Very stable running
  6. Very quick ripping and burning
  7. Very easy to use
  8. Very small file size
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